The DISCOGRAPHY of Gary Russell Wertz

GRW – The Natural

2005. SONIC RESERVE. C.D. Produced By Jon Paterson and GRW includes Cute Animals, The Lizard Men, Lazy Monkeys and 16 other songs.

GRW – Wet Rocks

2011. Treasure Craft. Vinyl. Produced By Mark Pistel and GRW. includes She's A Crier, I'll Cry When It's Over, Satan,I Love You and 9 other songs.

HOT MUTE – Extended Player

2003. Happy Records. C.D. Produced By Mark Pistel. includes She Drives A Car, Silence and 4 more.


2006. Hot Mute LTD. C.D. Produced By Mark Pistel. includes She's The Medicine, Take What You Need, Back On The Force and 11 more.



The New Single