The official Biography of Gary Russell Wertz

The Multi-Talented Nashville Singer-Songwriter Gary Russell Wertz is GRW.

GRW [Grow without the O] is a genre outlaw…His musical creations refuse to be boxed in solely by one genre’s definition. GRW is Gary Russell Wertz: Songcrafter, Performer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer hailing from Sacred Dog Studios in Mendocino, California and transplanted to a regenerative farm/animal sanctuary near Nashville, Tennessee.

GRW’s music can be described as “World Fusion” as he incorporates elements of global sound into many of his productions. For example, in 2020 he released two Alt Country/Reggae Fusion Tracks: “Green Lights” ft. Junior Toots [the son of legendary Toots & Maytal singer Toots Hibbert] and “World Upside Down” with reggae superstar Junior Reid.

“For me, Pop Music has always been a Holy Sacrament, and, ideally, a big middle finger to the Powers That Be. The 3 minute Pop Song is my Spirit Animal, and I’ll never stop chasing it down…” – GRW



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