The official Biography of Gary Russell Wertz

The Multi-Talented Nashville Singer-Songwriter Gary Russell Wertz is GRW.

“All my songs are short stories populated with fictional people, some of which are me. Every song I write, no matter how sad or strange, has a little joke in there…”

His Third Rock / Americana / Country Solo Album “Hybrids” is currently being prepared for world wide release in early 2021. 

“Hybrids” is a genre defying creation recorded in Nashville, Memphis, Miami, Northern California and Kingston, Jamaica. The track features collaborations with Reggae legends Junior Reid and Junior Toots, as well as some of the finest musicians in Tennessee.

SOMEHOW is the first single and video from “Hybrids”

Gary Russell Wertz (GRW) started his musical career as a youngster in the New York Punk scene of the early 1980s, playing CBGB’s when he was 14 years old. Inspired by his heroes from the British invasion, Garage Punk, American Hardcore and Country and Western, Gary begin writing, singing and recording his own songs at an early age, recording his tunes on a beat up Tascam 4 track. At 20, Gary joined the quirky pop combo the Mommyheads and moved west to San Francisco.

“For me, Pop Music has always been a Holy Sacrament, and, ideally, a big middle finger to the Powers That Be. The 3 minute Pop Song is my Spirit Animal, and I’ll never stop chasing it down…” – GRW



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